Aiming to create a new future for our clients, we adhere to our mission.


Paragon is a company offering consulting and advisory, asset management and brokerage services, and is founded on and embraces the values of integrity, loyalty and excellence. Nonpartisan in nature, Paragon executives utilize their international experience, global perspectives and local knowledge to forge holistic yet precise and actionable strategies for clients and assist their companies in realizing their objectives.


Paragon’s values serve as a beacon, guiding all our actions. While aiming to create a new future for our clients, we stay true to our company’s core principles.


We put forth integrity in all that we do and are committed to professionalism, trust, honesty, transparency, and objectivity.


Loyalty and forging long-term relationships with clients go hand-in-hand with enabling Paragon to exchange necessary confidential information to formulate strategies and deliver the best results.


We endeavor to ensure excellent performance in everything we do. We aggrandize quality and sustainability and encourage innovative and diverse ways of thinking to provide ideal solutions. Excellence is the core of our company’s ethos.


The Circle represents timelessness, perfection, strength and a 360 degree perspective. At Paragon, we embrace the timeless values of integrity, loyalty and excellence, and we strive for perfection in all that we do. Our strength is derived from our constant pursuit of knowledge and in turn we offer to clients a 360 degree perspective, enabling us to arrive at holistic strategies and solutions to challenges.

The word Paragon comes from the Italian word paragone, which is a black touchstone used to test the purity of gold and silver, which are both colors present in our logo. Gold is considered to be the perfect element, while the silver color on the logo represents the fact that, at Paragon, we look for and find the silver-lining in every situation.

Paragon is also ultimately derived from the Greek word parakonan, meaning to sharpen, and was used in reference to sharpening tools on a whetstone. At Paragon we are constantly updating our own management and consulting tools and knowledge in order to provide clients with the most precise and up-to-date advisory services.


Our mission is to embrace excellence and to offer consulting services that unlock value, exploit opportunities and promote sustainability for our clients.


People and longstanding relationships lie at the heart of our approach, which is holistic, data-driven and focuses on sustainability and tailor-made solutions. We listen to clients, analyze, strategize and implement, thus creating path-ways where there were none, course-corrections as necessary, and add value and resilience as is called for in our highly volatile world.